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Many people believe that it is normal to dread going to work. Despite this common belief, however, workers in certain professions consistently rank their jobs as highly fulfilling on work satisfaction surveys. If you want to love your job and feel satisfied at the end of each day, then one of these careers may be a good fit for you.

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Nurses not only provide medical services to sick people, but they also provide them with emotional comfort and support. Whether they are administering shots to nervous children or caring for elderly people in hospice, nurses are instrumental in bolstering their patients’ morale. It is precisely for this reason that so many nurses love their work. Every day, they get multiple chances to make other people feel healthier, safer, and happier.

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Many teachers say the best part of their jobs is getting to watch children discover the world around them. Teachers who go through Montessori teacher training may get to experience this joy quite frequently, since Montessori classrooms are designed to help students pursue their own curiosity. In these settings, teachers encourage intellectual independence, thereby equipping future generations with the tools they need to become lifelong learning enthusiasts.

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Engineers develop functional computer software, machines that do all sorts of things, and other devices that are used or sold in a variety of applications. These engineers also test and modify their products until they are ready to be released to the end users. Engineers say their jobs are rewarding because it is satisfying to develop new ideas, challenging to overcome obstacles, and fulfilling to end up with new products that can make life easier or more enjoyable for other people.

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Nurses, teachers, and engineers have vastly different responsibilities at work, but they share a common thread when it comes to their job satisfaction. It is not about the money they make or the status they earn. It is about the pride they take in providing services to their fellow humans. Ultimately, they love their jobs because they know their work has a positive impact on the world.